What is EtherNumbers?

EtherNumbers is marketplace for collectible, tokenized representations of your favorite numbers. Each EtherNumber is like a baseball card, except there can only ever be one!

How does it work?

Each EtherNumber starts at a price of 0.001 ETH. After each purchase, the EtherNumber is automatically re-listed in our marketplace for a higher price. The price will increase according to the following formula:
Purchase price Next price multiplier
Less than 0.053613 ETH 2x
Less than 0.564957 ETH 1.4x
Greater than than 0.564957 ETH 1.25x

How does the dividends work?

If you own one of the numbers (0-9) you are entitled to receive dividends on ALL number purchases. However, there are requirements that has to be met in order to have the dividends sent to your wallet automatically.

Either you have to own a minimum of three numbers, or own one of the special daily numbers that are listed on the front page. If you meet the requirement for one of these, the dividends are automatically sent to your address with each purchase! You can check through every transaction to see the amount of dividends paid out to each number.

What happens if a owner of a number with dividends doesn't meet the requirements?

The dividend is then paid out to the previous owner of the number. Simple as that. You can check through every transaction to see this.

So what am I actually buying?

You ARE buying a unique, one-of-a-kind ERC721-compliant EtherNumber token that will live on the Ethereum blockchain as long as the blockchain exists.

You ARE NOT buying the artwork, code, photographs, intellectual property, or physical numbers associated with the EtherNumber.

What happens to my Ether if the transaction fails?

If you are outbid before you transaction can confirm, or if your transaction fails for any other reason, you will be automatically refunded by the smart contract (the refund will be sent the address that initiated the transaction). We strongly recommend purchasing EtherNumbers from your own personal wallet instead of from an exchange like Coinbase.

I don't want my EtherNumber anymore. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. Aside from the initial number purchase, each transaction is from user to user. EtherNumbers is just a marketplace to facilitate these transactions. If you want to sell your EtherNumber token, you'll need to find someone to buy it from you. If you want to, you can lower the price of your number by 5% increments.

How do you make money?

We charge a small transaction fee for each purchase.

This looks a lot like CryptoCelebrities, EtherNumbers, EtherGems etc..

Yep! It's a very similar concept, except with precious numbers instead of celebrities. Our smart contract is almost identical to the one used by CryptoCelebrities.

Can I verify the smart contract source code?

Of course! Just click "Contract Source" in the navbar.